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I write queer love stories, rants about mental illness, and over-analysis of games and pop culture. Join my cult at

‘Lo child!

We’ve been poking our fingers in all kinds of places they don’t belong this week. Tiny crevices are the natural habitat of tiny furniture, you see. This has, of course, resulted in a small number of injuries. It is for this reason that YOU, faithful congregant, are now called upon to contribute to the cause! It is not in our nature, as must be manifestly evident, to belabor a point, nor to beat around any bush, euphemistic or otherwise, and therefore we will be brief and direct: we require your fingers.

Our second Headroom project is almost complete…

This ties in with the underlying cultural perspective that drives the attitude of ganbaru: mindfulness. Deeply integral to the Buddhist lifestyle is the idea of being fully present in everything we do, focusing intently on even mundane, boring tasks. When we do this, we discover that nothing is truly boring. If we're bored, it's because we are not paying enough attention to perceive the interesting aspects of whatever we're doing. There's always something to learn, or an interesting sight, or a slightly novel sensory experience - the more we pay attention, the more we see. Being mindful, fully in the…

Never let it be said that capitalism doesn’t lead to innovation!

‘Lo child!

So, as I was banging my head against a wall this week, it occurred to me that you might also enjoy recommendations for hard surfaces suitable for therapeutic cranial impact. We don’t judge here; some machines require percussive maintenance in order to function, and flesh machines are no exception.

Just remember — only you are qualified to judge what kind of impacts will serve you best! There are plenty of freelancers in this field eager to offer their unsolicited and frankly unprofessional assault services, and we hate to see unscrupulous fucks give perfectly legitimate hit men and amateur…

A smart answer to a stupid question

“Does it really make sense to make a shooter that criticizes shooters?”

I finally got my girlfriend to play Spec Ops: The Line. I know, I know — we’re always at least five years behind pop culture in this house, but the advantage of that is getting to have the novelty of the first time again and again when she plays through stuff I saw when it came out. That’s why unboxing videos are so popular — that vicarious thrill is so powerful, we can almost smell the new plastic again. …

Dissociative musings on suicidal depression and stumbling toward mental health

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

I visualize the depths of depression as a well. Maybe your personal hell looks different. For me the important characteristics are:

  1. It’s dark.
  2. It’s constantly physically uncomfortable or painful.
  3. I can’t see anything but the Well when I’m in it.

That last part is critical. It’s what makes it possible for me to sit in a park under a tree, in a summer scene bucolic enough to make a hobbit shit, and numbly wish I could believe the sunshine was real. Dissociation, they call that, or so psychiatrists have told me. …

‘Lo child!

We’re dragging our feet a bit on this one, aren’t we? It’s a slow day, all rainy out. We’ve been working on a couple of large projects that aren’t finished yet, which are the worst kind for sharing. But fear not — we are not entirely useless to you this week.

Lady Viki Winter provides a take on Anubis in female form, another of our new bigger models — about three times the size of your normal tabletop gaming model. Much more room for detail! This gorgeous model was made by the very talented @ellaartsy09.

And yes, in…

‘Lo child!

Your faithful servant here to offer another selection of cold cuts from this week’s sacrifices. The floor got messy this week, although I’d be the first to say I wasn’t involved — it was the lady with the gun, I swear.

She’s about three times the size of our usual models, which I appreciated — more room for detail! Our 3D printer is extravagantly detailed, so I love when I find a model that can really take advantage of it. We’re also seeing my new technique for painting eyes here, wherein you’ll note she actually has eyes. It’s…

It’s not a store, it’s a community

Once upon a time, there was a tabletop gaming store in Longmont, Colorado. It wasn’t in a great location, crammed into a corner of a strip mall between an HVAC outlet and a Snarf’s. It didn’t even have room on the awning for a marquee. But it was the only store in this little town that sold miniatures, and as a result, it accumulated a small but devoted community.

Warhammer was the drug of choice, of course, but those boys only made up about 40% of the total, as opposed to other shops where the quotient can approach 85%. There…

Yes we will, and you can too!

‘Lo children!

If you’re anything like us (and let’s hope, for your sake, that you’re not) you’ve spent this week brimming with directionless rage. The frustration of having a beef and nowhere to serve it, as it were, is a constant bugbear of our modern life, and swallowing anger makes us queasy, so we turned to someone whose eyes have never once been accused of being bigger than his stomach:

Mr. Chompy Bits is an old model from Malifaux, our favorite wargame. This is the reason we got into this kind of thing in the first place, oh so long…

A legal filing to turn those unsolicited dick pics into profit!

‘Lo child!

Have you been receiving a lot of unsolicited dick in your DMs lately? Have a surplus of dick-related inventory and not sure how to leverage it? We’re here to help!

Recipients of Unsolicited Genital Imagery (UGIs, or “Dick Pics” in common parlance) often express concern over licensing issues that may arise. When a UGI is sent, who retains copyright of the Dick in Question? Is the recipient authorized to make derivative works based on the Dick in Question? Is the recipient authorized to sell those works, or the UGIs themselves?

With the assistance of our cult’s legal team…

Gentle Zacharias

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