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Gentle Zacharias
3 min readJul 5, 2021

‘Lo child!

I hope it’s evident that I strive constantly to be useful to you; I endeavor to provide content that is applicable to more than just my life and my little cult. I’m not a metaphysical chauvinist — I would like to be a resource for those wishing to do better at worshiping any kind of eldritch deity. Your Dreadful Lord is my Dreadful Lord, is what I’m saying!

But actually, this is my Dreadful Lord:

He’s known as Ornithaax the Majestic, the star of the Dragonguard set from Artisan Guild. I’m super proud of how he came out, considering I spent more time on this than any other model I’ve done to date — easily ten-plus hours just getting really ridiculously meticulous with Shyish Purple. Contrast paints are not cheating, it turns out, because cheating is supposed to make things easier.

Check out more shots of his glorious majesty on Instagram.

Portrait of a Monster

Lacking the pharmaceutical aids I require to make me pass for human this week, I ended up doing work a little different from the ongoing 3D printing projects — you see, I use Photoshop as therapy. This also was a project for the wife; she enjoys seeing how I visualize things, and I enjoy having someone tell me what to paint, because I’m indecisive.

She asked me to depict a wendigo however seemed most appropriate to me, so… this.

The most common depictions of the creature I find are… looming, menacing, conveying a sense of savage threat. But the thing that interests me about the wendigo myth is that the wendigo is so profoundly human. That’s what’s terrifying about it — we never see a wendigo story that doesn’t focus on the degradation of a human into that state. The wendigo is horrifying because it used to be human, because some part of it still is. I mean, that’s inherent to the definition, right? If a wendigo isn’t in some part human… then how is it committing cannibalism?

I wanted to see the wendigo from another angle, not from it’s prey’s perspective. I wanted to see a wendigo doing something…

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