Power Word of the Week: RICTUS

For bonus points, Rictus was a character in this Clive Barker kids’ book…

Gentle Zacharias
3 min readJul 28, 2022


‘Lo child,

The reason your newsletter — my newsletter? — OUR newsletter has been all philosophizing and no fun lately is because of aforementioned Life Stuff, most prominent of which is a new job. As you’ll be aware from your own interactions with capitalism, it’s going to be a couple of weeks of onboarding hell before I figure out what my life is going to look like going forward, so you might have a few scanty or weirdly scattered newsletters before we get back to dragon butts and dick jokes. I’ll do my best to keep capering for your amusement at my usual energy level — which I think is somewhere around ‘Cabaret emcee on even more coke than usual, the Joker’s rictus under a sweaty sheen of existential terror’. That’s what I’m going for, anyway. How’s it landing?

I have gotten a bit of painting done, here and there — I have a bunch of tiny models from Artisan Guild, whose stuff we love, already printed so I can just work through them slowly. Stuff I don’t have to think too hard about in the moments between major upheavals. Here’s one I finished recently, some kind of desert-inspired assassin:

Still working on my lighting and shading. I hit the light coming from her right pretty hard and even so I think I could go harder on it. I need to get more comfortable with bolder color and contrast choices, I think. It would be valuable to try something with very strong, colored light of a contrasting color to the figure. Might be some experimentation along those lines in the next few pieces!

She does, of course, have an admirable booty — we do have a mission here, after all, and if it’s ever anything but the veneration of our Lord and Savior Booty Ghost, you’ll know we’ve truly lost our way.

Just admire those period-appropriate vinyl Battle Panties™, standard issue in the Vaguely Asian But With Ankhs Assassin Squad. Hey, nobody ever said Artisan Guild weren’t a bunch of white boys making myopic white boy art for other white boys. It’s just really well-executed myopic white boy art! Y’know, the kind that sells.

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