Your Grist Shipment Will Be Delayed

Dem supply chain logistics tho

Gentle Zacharias
2 min readAug 7, 2022


‘Lo childs,

As predicted, it’s been what I believe scientists call “a motherfucker of a week.” Training for new job is rough but exciting, and I am daily witness to all kinds of human behavior that I have no doubt will be very artistically productive. That’s how I reassure myself about most of the uncontrolled madness that goes on around me — god, imagine the art that will come out of this!

Forgive me for presenting very little new mulch to feed your brain, little grist for your grinder this week. I did take some pictures of the half-painted cat-person I’ve been working on intermittently, though. I’m using these as references for the lighting on the model — remember how last week we were talking about using a contrasting light color?

We’re going for a strong red light from the side, and a blue glow from the gem on her crown, so I’m using these two in combination as I paint. This is the kind of fun behind-the-scenes and in-progress stuff you earn by enduring my rambles every week!

I didn’t have any kind of colored cellophane or whatever for the light filters, so I colored some vellum with markers in red and blue and taped it to the light. It’s how we do around here, baby — ghetto fabulous.

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